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Renovation and Loft Conversion

The six-story multi-family house is located in the south of Kreuzberg, only a short distance from the airport Tempelhof. The building – consisting of front building, side wings and garden house – is part of a block perimeter development which borders on a cemetery to the north and the Volkspark Hasenheide to the south.
Stadthaus Gesellschaft für privaten Wohnungsbau mbH
Constr. Year
Completed in 2006
Lilienthalstraße 12
Floor Space
2.000 square meters
2 million €
During the restoration and maintenance, the loft has been expanded to a full floor with an added stacked story. Located here are two interlinked maisonette apartments with generous roof terraces.

The most noticeable change of the building is the large, elliptical window facing the street which awards the inhabitants of the loft an expansive view over the neighboring Papal Nuntiary, the Sankt-Johannes Basilica and the Volkspark. The facade received a new face as well:

Stucco elements differentiate the building and reference its time of origin. Particular attention was given to a leaf frieze on the fifth floor whose pattern is repeated in the balustrade banisters of the balconies and loggias of the lower floors.