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Apartment Building

The Wilhelminian residential and commercial buildings are located in Charlottenburg at the Kaiserdamm, in the vicinity of the Theodor-Heuss-Platz. The building complexes border on an administration building of the Senate to the rear, and they are part of the enclosed development: Kaiserdamm, Meerscheidtstrasse, Messedamm and Bredtschneiderstrasse.
8. GKB Liegenschaften GmbH & Co.
Berlin / Charlottenburg
Floor Space
4.000 square meters
approx. 3,0 million €
The apartment buildings at the Kaiserdamm and at the Meerscheidtstrasse consist of an enclosed block development. The block development of the building at the Kaiserdamm is expanded furthermore by a side wing and by a garden house. The surrounding development exhibits mostly apartment buildings of 4-5 levels in an enclosed construction as both, old and new buildings with commercially utilized ground-level zones.

The apartment buildings at the Kaiserdamm and at the Meerscheidtstrasse have been extensively renovated and maintained. The commercially used subplots have been restored as apartments.

The windows of the front building on the Kaiserdamm have been refurbished in line with the heritage requirements whereby the façade was maintained in its existent appearance. After the overall renovation of the front building at the Kaiserdamm, the utilization of shops on the ground level was maintained. From the first upper-level on, the commercial spaces have been restored as apartments. The restoration of the garden house apartments also involved the renovation of kitchens and baths. The apartments have been supplemented with balconies.

The building in the Meercheidtstrasse consists of a building of 4 levels with 2 additional levels under a mansard roof. During the attic-conversion of commercial spaces into apartments, surfaces with roof windows have been remodeled to loggias. Furthermore, the appearance of the façade has been maintained. Kitchens and baths have been renovated.

After the restoration and maintenance, individual cellar rooms and additional storage areas for bicycles are made available to the renters.