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A fire destroyed the previously existing summer residence of the Spanish architect, Ambrosius, from the year of 1963.
Dr. Klaus Riccius
Constr. Year
Almunecar / Spain
Floor Space
260 square meters
0,50 million €
The client decided on a new building with the following provision:

> Residing on one homogenous level with an elevator from the garage located beneath
> External apartment for guests and children
> Pool on the residential level
> Integration of the former backyard as an entrance area with a shaded outside dwelling area
> Separation of “private and public” living areas
> open kitchen with a dining space at the center
> large roof overhangs to the south
> natural materials characteristic of the locality

A classic hacienda-form was created, configured with its white cubes in an L-shape around the swimming pool.

A natural stone spire, containing the elevator, forms a pivot with its strong verticals and marks the entrance into the central living space with dining space and kitchen.

Large glass surfaces slide open completely. Suffused by light and air, flowing transitions between interior and exterior are created.