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The Wilhelminian residential and commercial buildings are located in Charlottenburg at the Kaiserdamm, in the vicinity of the Theodor-Heuss-Platz. The building complexes border on an administration building of the Senate to the rear, and they are part of the enclosed development: Kaiserdamm, Meerscheidtstrasse, Messedamm and Bredtschneiderstrasse.
8. GKB Liegenschaften GmbH & Co. Immobilienprojekt KG
Construction Permit
Berlin / Charlottenburg
Floor Space
4.400 square meters
Types of Use
Project Costs
approx. 9,0 million €
The location at the Kaiserdamm – in the immediate vicinity of the Congress- and Exhibition Center and in line of sight with the Brandenburg Gate – provides a good position for a hotel. A swift access is awarded by the Autobahn connection, and further sightseeing destinations are within reach. By the direct view to the center of Berlin, travelers are given the sense of being well-connected to the inner city – the Exhibition Center can be reached on foot within minutes.

The surrounding development exhibits mostly apartment buildings of 4-5 levels in an enclosed construction as both, old and new buildings of the 1960s with commercially utilized ground-level zones. Located to the south is the bus station and to the southwest, the RBB broadcast building.

The building at Kaiserdamm 86 and Meerscheidtstrasse 8 is an old building of 5 levels with additional levels under a mansard roof and an existing conference area underneath a hipped roof at Kaiserdamm 86. During the attic-conversion, portions of the space are remodeled to rooms with loggias. Otherwise, the appearance of the façade is maintained.

The generously constructed old building offers space for 100 rooms (180 beds) with bath, a restaurant (100 spaces), a hotel bar (40 spaces) as well as a sauna. The attic-level of the building is connected to the adjacent building where a large conference area (approx. 145 square meters) with a view of the broadcast tower and three smaller conference rooms (15 spaces each) are located.

The concept envisions a simple, appealingly elegant lobby. Point of reference is the reception counter located centrally. The lobby opens up toward the street via the restaurant with a lounge characteristic. The hotel bar is situated in a more intimate setting at the calmer Meerscheidtstrasse. Here we envision a library-like fireplace-room where guests can find shelter and quiet.

Two elevators lead directly to the conference rooms on the roof-level; one of them accesses the sauna-area in the basement in a straight line. The atrium – an element characteristic of Berlin – is staged by an installation of lights at the hotel entrance from the subterranean garage. The elevator converts to a service elevator in the basement. Deliveries are carried out from the courtyard via the side entrance with the elevator accessing all levels.