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Administration Building

The new center of Schulzendorf is to be created on the property located at the Ernst Thälmann Strasse, also called “The Triangle”. A U-shaped access road is planned. Within its circumscribing rectangle, a shopping center with a city hall is supposed to be built. The objective is to give these structures a center and to ensure adequate supplies for the people who live here. The city hall, in particular, is supposed to promote identification and become a meeting place for the residents.
HOCHTIEF Construction AG
FormArt Berlin-Brandenburg
Construction Permit
Start of Construction
Floor Space
1.200 square meters
approx. 2,6 million €
The city hall is designed to clearly dominate the other flat constructions of the new center: The pitched roof on top of three stories and the red brick façade are reminders of the images of historical city halls on town squares in rural settings. The archetype is being supplemented by dormers and oriels. Adjoining structures are clearly offset by a change in material. Unified window sizes within the seemingly disorderly variation relax the severity of the cube.

The 2-story construction unit with the assembly hall leads to the adjacent construction unit 2 with shops on the ground level and medical facilities on the upper level. The main entrance is located at the village square of the city hall with the foyer extending into the city hall garden lying behind. The generous development concept of a “joint office” on the upper levels provides an open atmosphere for the public. The city hall is designed to become a modern, open and public house in a classic context.