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The Schweizer Viertel in Lichterfelde distinguishes itself by widely varying structures, including a newly emerging residential area at the Goerzallee as well as a mixture of villas with gardens, row house settlements, remodeled barracks and commercial buildings located on the traditional Teltow Canal.
K.O.O.P. Entwicklungsgesellschaft
Constr. Year
Completed in 2005
Floor Space
approx. 7.000 square meters
8 million €
Type of Use
Minimal Market
Aldi Market
Bio Market
Trade / Commerce
Medical Practices
The shopping center “Schweizer Viertel” – which consists of four buildings with two pavilions – blends into these structural features, ensures adequate supplies for the people who live here and functions as a communicative space which also marks the entrance at the Goerzallee into the new development area.

Along the Lausanner Strasse smaller businesses are placed in front of the four structures which – together with the inserted pavilions – create a lively street scene, invigorate the center and establish a connection between the entrance areas of the large markets.

The “entrance-buildings” have two floors with shopping facilities on the ground level and medical-therapeutic services on the upper level. Floating flat roofs emphasize the accesses and the alignment of the buildings along the shopping street.

The landscape and the image of Switzerland served as an inspiration behind the architectural design concept: the buildings stand like mountains of stone in the landscape relieved by sprightly woodwork. The exquisite double-fired clinker stones from Denmark reveal all the colors of the Swiss mountain landscape and vary their impact in all light- and weather conditions. The alternating pattern of protruding clinker crosses enhance the contour effect of the prickly stone. Next to the play with the “Swiss Cross”, an interesting game of shadows emerges along the facade surfaces.

Bands of windows and shop displays arrange the façade into meandering stripes above the building structures. Authentic rock strikes a balance with clear window- and wood panel surfaces. The external outlines with gabions, lawns, and needle trees complete the landscape philosophy of the architecture.