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Shopping Center

The new center of Schulzendorf is to be created on the property located at the Ernst Thälmann Strasse, also called “The Triangle”. A U-shaped access road is planned. Within its circumscribing rectangle, a shopping center with a city hall is supposed to be built. The objective is to give these structures a center and to ensure adequate supplies for the people who live here.
HOCHTIEF Construction AG
FormArt Berlin-Brandenburg
Constr. Year
2008 / 2009
Gemeinde Schulzendorf
Floor Space
Unit 1 approx. 4.400 square meters
Unit 2 approx. 1.400 square meters
Unit 1: 4,3 million €
Unit 2: 1,3 million €
Type of Use
EDEKA Market, ALDI Market, KIK Market, Bank, Pharmacy, Drug Store, Restaurant, Cafe/Bakery, Trade/Commerce, Medical Facilities
“Construction Unit 1” to the west of the plaza contains three markets and smaller shops and service providers adjacent to it. This unit has one level. The public purpose land – slated in the land-use plan for “Construction Unit 2” – had been shifted toward the Ernst Thälmann Strasse in order to create more representation and identification opportunities. For the urban development, a line of sight between the existing church and the new city hall is being realized. A pedestrian path underneath an alley of trees is supposed to connect the town square, the city hall and the church with each other. Around the city hall, areas are created for gastronomy and for service providers. In the area of the demanded two-level structures, space for medical practices is to be created. A parking place, expanding lengthwise and eased by rows of trees, is located in front of the building site. Seating, clusters of trees and a water fountain are planned for elevating the amenity value of the plaza.

Alternating materials for the facades arrange and loosen up the long extended buildings. Canopies and roof overhangs mark the accesses. The City Hall is supposed to obtain a red brick façade as the only building of the center ensemble.