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Shopping Center

Diverging interests at the location Schlachtensee are supposed to be maintained and simultaneously integrated into a harmonious aggregate without disrupting the urban development structure of Schlachtensee. The Breisgauer Strasse remains the cohesive center with a balance of retail facilities, medical services and residences.
Vivico Real Estate GmbH
Building Application
Breisgauer Straße
Floor Space
6.000 square meters
approx. 6,4 million €
Types of Use
Edeka Market
Aldi Market
Trade / Commerce
Medical Facilities
This is achieved through the orientation to characteristics of local developments – the large, country-home style burgher houses with their representative, overhanging ornament-gables and high-standing windows. Size, height and proportion are taken up and transferred to oriels, elegantly transparent stacked stories and corresponding facade materials in a modern country-home style.

The ground-level of the new constructions are utilized by small shops and service providers, the level above by doctors and medical facilities and the stacked stories as generous apartments.

Behind these head-end structures emerge single story full-service-provider market as well as a new ALDI building. These are not visible from the Breisgauer Strasse – and the original street scene remains unaltered in spite of the newly created comfort of a nearby, convenient shopping opportunity.

Between the shopping areas, a parking facility is created interspersed with garden-like green surfaces. A pocket park with a playground for children and a café for young people in the preserved small railway house invigorate the line of greens toward the old market place. A shopping alley leads to the Breisgauer Strasse to alleviate the parking situation there as well and to have retailers benefit from new customers. The appearance of a garden-like, cultivated residential area is provided for the alley as well as for the markets by wooden pergolas adorned by roses. Access to the markets occurs exclusively via the existing access road. For quieter living, the Salzachstrasse also remains a dead-end street.

Within the residential area itself, garden-court buildings and free-standing single-family houses are planned, the design features of which to be adjusted to the requests of the future dwellers.