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The Bureau of Riccius-Winter Freie Architekten PartGmbB has been established in 1994, and during the last years it has managed various projects of all planning and construction phases in Berlin and its environs as well as abroad. Tanja Riccius and Carsten Winter do not strictly advocate an architectural style. The context of urban development and the emotional contemplation of the location are vitally significant to them. Proportions, materials and the character of the architecture are carefully examined with the aid of many models in order to create open structures for each locale that promote an elevated quality of life for external as well as for internal spaces.

Their designs are mostly based on contemplations about the landscape and scenery: structures and materials emerge fittingly from the local surroundings – the natural and the new are supposed to become one and age with dignity. Time and again, the Bureau tries out new façade materials, the application of which being filled with tension.

The collaboration with project developers over many years has endowed the Bureau of Riccius-Winter Freie Architekten PartGmbB with much experience in the area of project development, citizen relationships and collaboration with future dwellers and occupants.